• AgriForce - Farm Activities & Workforce Management


    Efficient • Intelligent • Easy to Use


    • Affordable Farm Activities and Workforce management software that will pay for itself 
    • Increase workforce efficiency through real-time feedback  
    • Manage Time, Attendance and workforce activities through easy to use Smart IDs 
    • Reduce workforce costs by 30% 
    • Complete your traceability by tracking every activity on a field level 
    • Stunning Visualization & reports by integrating BI tools 

  • Farm Activities & Workforce Management

    Plug every detail that is occurring on your fields with your office

    A cost-effective & easy to use solution to keep track of your workforce & their activities on the field.

    We guarantee your ROI when using AgriForce.

    Take control of your business with a state-of-the-art, easy to use system that continually measures and tracks your activities & production on the field in real time.

    Be proactive, identify poor performance before it becomes a problem.
    Improve production management, efficiency, and visibility.

    Improve Activity Management

    By tracking every person's activities on the field, you will be able to understand how each activity is being done, how much its costs & how to do it better. Data will empower your decisions.

    Improve Workforce Time Utilization

    Each person on the field will be reported on how their time is being spent in real-time. Giving rise to faster decision making mechanism to enhance resource utilization based on time taken for activities.

    Reduce Activities & Workforce Costs

    With proper reporting, monitoring & distribution of the workforce you will be able to identify cost drivers and understand what is the best way to increase its efficiency.

    System Features

    Activity Monitoring & Recording

    Record what activities are being done, where and by who on the farm using a simple mobile application through scanning of Smart IDs


    Compensation & Budgeting

    Generate salaries, task compensations, over-time reports and more by a click of a button rather than going through hectic amounts of paper work and records.

    Time Recording & Attendance

    Manage labor records on time & attendance, quantity, and quality of work.




    Detailed operational and cost reports

    Understand how much of everyones salary contributes to each activity on a field. Tracking wages distribution is a critical key for iterative success.

    Online/Offline Functionality

    Our solution is made with networks in mind. We understand that networks are fluctuant on farms. Our apps save information until a network is found and then submitted when the net is back.

    Cloud-based, No IT overhead

    Its all on the cloud, no need for new servers, infrastructure and re-skilling of the IT staff to onboard. All you need is an internet connection and your ready.

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